Immigrate to Canada

If your goal is to immigrate to Canada, it’s
important to explore the various immigration
pathways to find the one that best fits your
qualifications, skills, and goals.

Canadian Work Permits

If you are a foreign national planning to work in Canada temporarily, you may need a Canadian Temporary Work Permit. Here are the key steps to determine if you need a work permit and how to obtain one.

Job Offers

Employers must adhere to IRCC and ESDC guidelines, preparing a formal contract or Job Offer Letter. Some may require an LMIA for hiring foreign workers. If you’re an employer seeking international hires, complete our form for a free consultation with Ravadid Immigration Services.

Business Immigration

Canada offers several business immigration programs for individuals interested in exploring investment and business opportunities in the country. These programs are designed to attract experienced businesspeople who can contribute to the Canadian economy. Here are some key business immigration programs in Canada.

Start-Up Visa (SUV)

The Canada Start-Up Visa (SUV) program is designed to attract and support immigrant entrepreneurs who have the potential to build innovative businesses in Canada. Here are the key aspects of the Start-Up Visa program.

Study in Canada

Studying in Canada can indeed be a pathway to increase your chances of immigrating as a skilled worker. Canada is known for its high-quality education system and offers various programs for international students. Here’s a general overview of how studying in Canada can contribute to your immigration goals.

Visitor Visa

A temporary resident visa, commonly referred to as a visitor visa or TRV, enables individuals to enter Canada temporarily for reasons such as tourism, visiting family or friends, or attending business meetings. It’s crucial to emphasize that a visitor visa does not grant individuals the authority to work or study in Canada unless explicit authorization is obtained.

Legal Help

Retaining the services of an experienced law firm or immigration consultant can be beneficial when navigating the complexities of Canadian immigration. Here are some reasons why seeking legal help might be advantageous.


Family sponsorship is a way for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to bring their family members from abroad to live in Canada as permanent residents. The process involves the sponsor (the Canadian citizen or permanent resident) applying to sponsor their family member, who is referred to as the sponsored person. Here are the key aspects of family sponsorship.

Refugees & Humanitarian claims

If you’ve fled your home country due to a well-founded fear of persecution, Canada offers refugee protection. Contact us for assistance with your situation. We are here to help with refugee and humanitarian claims in Canada.

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